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    We just launched a direct sales facility where you can buy Scotcoin with £. Its early days and the pages are a little rough around the edges but please have a look.

    PLEASE share this link widely with all your social media contacts.

    All going well we will extend this so that small amounts of BTC will also be available for £ as wello.

    Transactions will be limited to one transactio n not exceeding £100 per verified email address per week.
    By imposing these restrictions we want to send a message to potential money launderes that they are wasting their time here.
    we also reinforce our key aim of making it very easy for many people to hold small(ish) amounts of Scotcoin. Large “bag-holders” will only impede the success of the coin. We want it in a LOT of hands and being used in many transactions.



    I think for scotcoin to really thrive it should be listed on poloniex. For example today on poloniex both monero and ethereum were at about 2 million dollars volume. On bittrex those same two coins were only about 30000 dollars. I know this is slightly off topic but to really get the volume increased poloniex is essential to its growth.



    We’d love to be traded on Poloniex.
    Unfortunately they want rather a lot of BTC to list us at this time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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